Saturday, May 17, 2003

:: Hanging on ::

After being in Pamplona for a little over three weeks, the novelty of the place has worn off somewhat and the toll of all the adjustments I’ve had to make—to the culture, the cuisine, the language, the schedule, the people, the lack of a social life—is beginning to make itself felt.

I have settled into a daily routine (classes, research, reading), and at the end of each day I find myself really tired and somewhat unwilling to admit to myself that the next day I will have to get up and do it all over again. And again. And again.

In terms of work, this week was a rather heavy one: I digested a book (Media Concentration in the European Market: New Trends and Challenges), a couple of recent journal articles (Media, Markets, and Identities: Reflections on the Global-Local Dialectic, and Competitive Strategies in the Internationalization of Television: CNNI and BBC World in Asia), and a couple of other lighter articles taken from the Internet (How Much Threat Will Globalization Bring to China? and Media Versus Globalization and Localization: And or Through?) and now I am suffering from a bout of intellectual indigestion. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend to be able to filter the ideas that I have picked up from my readings this week and put some semblance of order in them and then relate them to the general topic I have chosen for my dissertation.

Three weeks down, and a little less than five weeks to go! Whew!