Tuesday, December 14, 2004

:: Mrs. Incredible ::

I just had to post this before the day ended.

As wonderful as my grandfather was, he couldn’t have raised his family the way he did all by himself. My grandmother, Isabel Ochangco Naval, who would have turned 98 years old today, gave up here professional practice as a pharmacist and took the lead in raising their 12 children.

She cooked for the family, sewed dresses for her girls, put on parties for my grandfather’s guests and, later on in life, scrutinized future sons-in-law and taught new daughters-in-law how to cook and care for their husbands.

It’s strange that in spite of having lived more than twenty years in a house beside hers, I don’t remember all that much about her. She was never one to show too much emotion, except for flashes of irritation in her last years as she dealt with the ravages of old age.

But by her fruits, I have known her.


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