Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Time to look at something with more color than the journal articles I've been editing these last three days...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jason! Are these little sticky flaglets? Where'd you get them? I want some too!

This is Carrie btw (posting as Anonymous, hahah) This is my second visit now to your New & Improved Blogspot and I do luv this new look! Hope you can keep this spot updated.

So you'd read all of the Hardy Boys series by the 6th grade? Didn't know that about you =) I started reading Nancy Drew books when I was 7 and finished most of the series by the 4th grade or so. By then I had begun trying out these cheesy SweetDreams books... fun at first but borrring after a while.

My interest in juvenile love stories soon petered out, but my love for mystery novels (starting w/ good ol' Nancy Drew) has never left me =)

So anyway, don't forget to let me know where to get those candy-colored sticky flaglets :) Seeya!


2:05 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

You're in luck. I just happen to have an extra set somewhere. Just give me a little time to look for them.

I stopped reading Hardy Boys only because there were no more volumes to read. But that left me free to start reading more serious stuff in high school: Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke...

1:48 PM  

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