Monday, December 13, 2004

:: Why I blog ::

When I mentioned to a friend that I was blogging again, he looked at me incredulously and asked: “Where do you find the time to blog?”

Good question, actually. On days when work is light, relatively speaking, I feel like I’m working on at least two full-time jobs: instructor (aka teacher) in a small private university, PhD student, part-time tech writer and editor, reunion organizer (until the end of the month), among other things.

Where do I find the time? I don’t. I can’t. But a few weeks ago I made the decision to make time for it. Blogging is tough. It can be a fruitless exercise in self-centeredness—who in the world would care to find out that I tried putting sweet chili sauce on my ham omelette at breakfast today? I think (hope) that’s not my case. I blog because of three reasons.

Because I love words. I devour words, on paper, in the form of pixels. It’s something that’s somehow been wired into my system. By the time I reached Grade 6, I had read all 52 titles then available in the Hardy Boys series. One side-effect of having absorbed so many words in my lifetime thus far is that I can't help but have words flow out through my fingertips when I touch a keyboard or put pen to paper.

Because I love writing. Of all the professional activities I've chosen, writing is the most exciting. It provokes the most fear—of disapproval, rejection, of not being read at all!—and yet it is somehow the most fulfilling.

Because I have many friends and relatives. And much as I want to, I can’t write to all of them regularly because there's simply no time. I realize that a blog comes across as something impersonal—it’s addressed to everyone and to no one at the same time—but it's the best solution I can find, at the moment.


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